Dr. Mohsen El Ramah’s

Weight Loss Plan.

A Holistic Approach to a Healthier You.

Physician Approved Diet

Dr. El Ramah provides you with a diet plan that is easy to follow.

Personal Trainer & Workout Plan

You will have a personal trainer who will work by your side each step of the way.

Nutrition & Medical Counseling

You will learn how to care for your own health through nutritional understanding and recommended medications.

Food List & Recipes

Eating the right foods is made easy with a comprehensive list of delicious easy-to-make recipes.

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Dr. El Ramah answers

Brandon asks: Do I need to change my primary care physician to join the program? Answer: No. This is to manage your weight and help you with weight loss, but you have the freedom to keep your healthcare provider. It doesn’t by any means require you to change our primary care physician to myself.

Definitely. We are launching our online weight loss program. The onsite program will be exactly the same. Medical consultation will be provided online. Also, all the information regarding the diet plans are already online. The exercise programs, including the weekly group sessions, will be available through a zoom meeting. All the components we offer will be offered online. Please visit our website (drelramah.org) as well as our Facebook page to stay up to date with the most recent information.

Regarding that Veronica, unfortunately, there are a lot of diet programs across the country that are using this pseudoscience to promote that vitamin injections and, in some cases, amino acid injections or a combination of both, is something that can cause weight loss. This is NOT TRUE. If you come across a weight loss program that is advertising to you that you will get a vitamin shot or amino acid shot or a combination of both to promote weight loss, it is not relying on any scientific evidence; it is meant to give you a ‘placebo effect’, it does not rely on any physiological data, or how our metabolism and biochemistry work.

Definitely. There is also an option for a Vegan Keto diet. However, I am assuming Jessica is asking because she might be vegan or vegetarian. Doing vegetarian or vegan is very restrictive. It is a very effective tool for weight loss, but there is a lot of debate in the weight loss community if we should follow just regular keto, or if there is more advantage to following a vegan or vegetarian keto diet. I am not going to get into full details regarding that, but our current program online already has many vegan and vegetarian options and in the next few weeks I will be structuring a separate menu for a strictly vegan/vegetarian keto diet.

When I structured the program I tried to make it very comprehensive, tackling all aspects from initial medical consultation for any hormone imbalance problem to full details of a step-by-step diet program and ongoing exercise program. Regarding medication prescriptions, they are available and not only believe medications is the primary reason people will lose weight or sustain it, but it can also give a jumpstart and in some occasions help introduce something like intermittent fasting. The medications we commonly prescribe are Phentermine, Diethylpropion, Topiramate, and Orlistat, just to name a few.

Two things make my weight loss program different. Number one, it integrates three major aspects for weight loss. I don’t think there is many programs that out there that offer: 1. Medical consultation 2. Full detailed online, user-friendly diet information 3. Ongoing support with a success program through a success coach/personal trainer. Our ongoing support is a very important feature in the program. We don’t just give you information about diet and how to do the exercises and leave you on your own. I have a very supportive team that works with our patients day by day, week by week, keeping them motivated to go on with group exercise sessions and all the support that they need.

It's time you took care of yourself.


Once you register, one of our personal trainers will be contacting you to discuss our plans. We can’t wait to help you on your journey to healthy success.