Pain Management Injections

Arthrocentesis Injections & Pain Management

We offer Joint Injections for instant & long term pain relief for chronic conditions.

Treatment available for types of: osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and rotator cuff tears.

Arthrocentesis (joint aspiration) can help your healthcare provider find the cause of swollen, painful joints. It can also provide symptom relief.

As a treatment,  Arthrocentesis eases swelling and joint pressure. You should have less pain and find it easier to move after this procedure. Tell Dr. El Ramah about your pain and he can find out whether or not Anthrocentesis is for you. 

Examples of joint injections

Knee Injections

Wrist Injections

Shoulder Injections

Other Injections include:

Hip Injections

Ankle Injections

Finger Injections

Elbow Injections

Thumb Injections

Frequently asked questions

Dr uses a numbing spray or Lidocaine to reduce pain in the injection area.

6 months up to a year.

Dr. El Ramah uses ultrasound guidance to inject the precise area.