Dr. El Ramah is a kidney specialist (nephrologist) that provides the most advanced and compassionate care, whatever type of kidney disease you or your loved one may have.

The role your kidneys play in your overall health is likely more important than you think. Kidneys keep your body healthy by helping control your blood pressure, maintaining the health of your blood and bones, removing chemicals that are harmful, and producing urine.

To treat conditions that affect your kidneys, nephrologists diagnose and treat kidney disorders. We also provide personalized treatment plans. Schedule your appointment today and start your journey to a better you.

Frequently asked questions

No, Dr. El Ramah treats all chronic kidney diseases. 

Upon evaluation and consultation, labs are drawn. Depending on kidney function, Dr. El Ramah will develop a treatment plan.

Dr. El Ramah is affiliated with Fresenious Kidney Care Centers. They have many locations around the Imperial Valley.